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We have a special place in our hearts for non-profit organizations. Just like for-profit companies, non-profit organizations have a message that needs to be communicated effectively in order to be a successful organization. That’s where we come in! Much has been said about the effectiveness of video for marketing purposes, and non-profit organizations can greatly benefit from the magic of moving pictures. It is always great to go to an organization’s website and read about all the amazing work they do. But it is much more effective and engaging to watch a video on what the organization is, who runs it, what they do, and those who benefit from their charity.

Orange County is home to countless non-profit organizations doing amazing work in the community. We’ve had a chance to work with few and immediately got hooked on the excitement of being a part of doing good. These organizations range from small, local nonprofits to large, national organizations that touch the lives of thousands. What they all have in common is the need to get their message out to their target audience to attract more donations or volunteers. Nonprofit marketing, therefore, is very similar to any for profit business. That’s where utilizing video can be of great asset.

Aside from an organization video, a brand video can also be applied to a non-profit organization. Instead of focusing on the organization at large, the video can highlight a small story that illuminates all the good that you do. Explainer videos can be a quick and fun way to explain exactly how your organization works. How about sharing the story of those who volunteer for your organization to attract more volunteers? Any or all of these video types can be a great fit for your non-profit organization.  

Tell the world about your great causes, all the people/animals benefiting, and how others can get involved.

Your great cause is our great cause.

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