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Interviews are one of the most commonly used methods of communicating a message in the world of video production. They can be utilized in promotional videos, corporate videos, company introduction videos, testimonial videos, instructional videos and so much more. What is as important as the information being communicated through the interview is the look and sound of the interview. Flattering lighting and crisp audio will help the message get through without any distractions.

We have filmed countless interviews for documentaries, promotional videos, company videos, and much more in the past few years. What experience has taught us is that the most important aspect of conducting an interview is making the interviewee comfortable and at ease first. That lets us get the best out of the interview and deliver the best result possible. This is a process that should not be rushed, and we take our time to make sure all parties involved will be happy with the end product.

Whether you need a quick testimonial from a happy customer or an extensive interview for a documentary film you’re working on, we have a fantastic, mobile setup to travel anywhere and shoot great interviews. Three-point lighting set ups and boom or lavalier mics come with most packages, but adjustments can be made to fit the production environment. An interview might take as little time as one hour or as long as a full day.

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