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Brand marketing videos can be very different in style and substance. However, the most effective brand videos often keep the brand in the background and focus on the emotional triggers that might be associated with the brands. Think of brand videos as a small but powerful snippet of your story while corporate or company videos look at the big, overall company story. There are several different ways brand videos are born.

For instance, a coffee company might produce a video on coffee mugs. The coffee company might not sell mugs, but these videos might be of interest to coffee drinkers the company wants to target. Or, a company might want to highlight their involvement in a non-profit organization and the video can focus on that. The goal of brand videos is to communicate what your brand overall stands for without having to say how good your product is or how amazing your company is.

We like approaching brand videos from a documentary filmmaking point of view because it brings a type of authenticity that is fitting to so many different varieties of brand stories. These brand videos can be a series of short videos or one longer video, whichever one fits well with your marketing strategy. Connect with your current and potential customers by talking about what matter most to them while giving them a glimpse into how you are a part of the ecosystem.

Make it fun, make it emotional, make it surprising, make it informative, make it suspenseful. Just make it awesome! We will help you.

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We absolutely love working on effective brand videos. Let us help you brainstorm some ideas.

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