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Finally Free Media was founded by two friends that met at work in Orange County, CA. One had a background in filmmaking and the other in digital graphics. While on a lunch break on an ordinary work day, they discussed their desires to be finally free to pursue their true passions. Soon after, Finally Free Media was born.

This is not just our company or our business. It’s our passion, our baby.

Finally Free Media was conceived out of a passion for story telling and that is what drives everything we do. Although we produce variety of videos, what they all have in common is their ability to amuse, intrigue, inform, and entertain because they are well told stories. We take pride in executing each project from concept to post-production side by side with our clients to make sure creativity and message have blended perfectly.

We are located in beautiful Orange County, but projects have taken us to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and beyond. So we like to think of ourselves as the traveling production company.

We have worked with various international, national, and local companies to promote their brands. This includes commercials, promotional videos, event coverage, and instructional videos.  
When the goal is to inform and intrigue quickly, nothing gets the job done better than a well produced video, and our clients recognize that the same applies to artist videos, be it music videos or video blogs. Image is everything.We would love to hear from you about any project you have in mind.
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